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Hybrid - Life with Long Term Care 

We are strong believers in Long Term Care Insurance since Paul’s father was in Long Term Care for about 10 years. In addition, we have worked with many clients that have been through this stage of life.

  1. The good news about LTC Insurance
    1. A good leveraged benefit for the cost incurred.
    2. May be used for Home Care as well as Institution.
    3. Breakeven of costs VS benefits is usually a short time period, if benefit is used.
  2. The bad news about LTC Insurance:
    1. Annual LTC premiums can be increased at any time by the provider.
    2. If benefit is not used, cost is still incurred. (Use it or lose it.)
    3. May be difficult to meet underwriting requirements.


Therefore the market place has “come to the rescue” with a product which combines life insurance with LTC benefits. This Hybrid Product solves the “bad news” points mentioned above for LTC Insurance:

  1. The Premium is fixed. It is a one-time payment or can be paid over time (up to 10 years)
  2. It does not have to be used. You are promised to get your premium back at a minimum upon death.
  3. It is easier to meet underwriting requirements as opposed to traditional LTC Insurance.

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